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EMAS ELETTROMECCANICA was founded in 1974 as a repair company for rotating electrical machines in alternating and direct current.

During the 1980s the company grew and rapidly acquired market share, in 1990 a new production plant of 3000 square meters was opened in Bareggio (Milan) equipped with modern systems and created its own range of machines in direct current, in alternating current and special that it sells under the TEMAX brand.

Today, the company is constantly expanding and employs more than 30 valuable technicians. Furthermore, the most modern systems and equipments are present inside the factory, guaranteeing the highest quality of the operations.
In particular:

  • Vacuum autoclave system for the resin impregnation of electrical machines up to H 630 mm of axis height capacity 9 cubic meters

  • CEMB automated balancing machine installed in 2010 for balancing rotors up to 10,000 kg in weight

  • Possibility to test motors up to 800 Kw of power even at 60 Hz with load

Emas Elettromeccanica - Dove siamo

Currently the company is proceeding with its mission of strong technological renewal and customer satisfaction with the adoption of new technologies in the processing phases and in the electrical diagnostics, in order to guarantee the most satisfaction of the more than 2000 customers who recognize in the EMAS ELETTROMECCANICA brand the synonym of quality, timeliness and efficiency.

Emas Elettromeccanica is Official Distributor and Authorized Repair Service of:

Emas elettromeccanica - TECO Westinghouse
Emas elettromeccanica - FIMET
Emas elettromeccanica - OME
Emas elettromeccanica - CEMP

NEW Test room / up to 12,000 Volt - 5,000 Kw

Emas Elettromeccanica - Sala collaudi fino a 12.000 Volt - 5.000 Kw
Emas elettromeccanica - Fiera Made in Steel
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