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Motori Asinconi Trifase Vettoriali serie


TEMAX - TLAC vector three-phase asynchronous motors up to 1000 Kw

Our TLAC motors are designed and built to work under inverter, in particular: the high power / size ratio accompanied by an excellent dynamic response to speed variations make these motors suitable for the most diverse applications (e.g. extrusion, machine tools, paper mills).


Main features:


Production range

Shaft height: 80-90-100-132-160-180-225-280-315 mm

  • Winding coil insulation: class H according to CEI EN 60034-1 (2000)

  • Thermal sizing: class F according to CEI EN 60034-1 (2000)

  • Protection degree: IP54 or IP23 according to CEI EN 60034-5 (2001)

  • Cooling: IC 416 (for IP54 motor); IC 06 (for IP23 motor) according to CEI EN 60034-6 (1997)

  • Balancing degree: G 2,5 according to ISO 1940-1 (1993) (balancing with half key for shafts with key CEI 2-23 (1993)

  • Construction form: IM3001 - IM 2001 according to CEI EN 60034-7

  • Ball bearings lubricated lifetime

  • Thermal protection: thermoprotector with normally closed contact. Intervention temperature 140 ± 5 ° C.

  • Reference conditions: ambient temperature + 40 ° C, max. 1000m above sea level

  • Feedback via TTL or HTL Encoder voltage 5-32 Volt 1024 pulses / rev

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