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TEMAX - Electric motors in alternating current (AC) for roller ways

Our TTM series motors for roller ways drives have been studied and designed, on the basis of twenty years of experience, for use in auxiliary services in the steel industry of rolling mills, where heavy duty is required with numerous starts, braking, reversals of running and possibility of permanence under voltage with locked rotor.

Production range:

  • Shaft height: 80-100-132-160-200-250-280-315-400 mm

  • Polarity: 6-8-10-12-16-20-24-30 poles

  • Construction form: IM1001 –IM3001

  • Protection: IP55 ventilation: IC00

  • CLASS H insulation

  • Voltage: 400 Volt (on request also special voltages)

The motors are suitable for inverter operation.

IMPORTANT:We carry out any customization of this product, according to the specific request.

For more information contact us at the link -> [Contacts]

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